Fashion must haves this winter under 100€ – Zara Haul

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Hello everyone and welcome to „Lepa Jaka i Vazna“! Small budget? Need some new fashion pieces that can elevate your look? Without further ado… Let’s see fashion must haves this winter under 100€ – Zara Haul!

Zara black jeans

Good firm black jeans – mom fit vintage and classic.

They cost 25,95 € and here is the link you can find them: Black good firm jeans


Neutral color knitwear with pom pons or pearls.

Pom pon knitwear Zara 29,95 euro                     Knitwear with pearls 35,95 euro

Leather cowboy Zara boots 55,95 euro              Ankle leather Zara boots 49,95 euro

The most fashionable belt of this year: Zara Belt 17,95 euro Zara belt

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